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Corrective Exercise Specialist


Jon is a degree certified specialist in human movement and exercise conditioning.


As well as his Honours degrees from Leeds Metropolitan University he has studied and trained around the world with the American College of Sports Medicine, The American Council on Exercise, the CHEK Institute, the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute and the FMA strength institute. He is a member of the British Association of Sports and Exercises Science, Fitness Professionals UK, the IDEA association of America and is an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

He has worked with clients from all walks of life and his particular interest is in helping people return from injury to normal daily activities. Alongside regular clients he has worked with European Tour golfers, Formula One drivers, professional rugby players, and other high profile personalities across film, television, business and finance.

In his spare time Jon is also a keen triathlete, mountain biker and adventure racer.


Jon's approach to prescribing exercise and recovery strategies is based upon a uniquely detailed assessment including various tools, techniques and technology that he has brought together over some 25 years in practice.

Stage 1

His initial assessment typically takes 90 minutes and allows him to build up a comprehensive picture of the following areas:


  • Static and dynamic posture

  • Functional movement patterns

  • Joint ranges of motion

  • Isolated and functional strength and power assessment

  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors

  • Stress and resilience

  • Injury history and inter relationships

  • Understanding of previous imaging and surgery history

Stage 2

Once this data has been gathered and assessed Jon will create a strategy for you taking into account all different aspects affecting your recovery. This strategy may include recommendations for manual therapy such as physiotherapy, osteopathy or massage. Where relevant it may also include clinical psychotherapy, nutritional advice, or ergonomic assessment. Should you be referred to another team member they will also assess you specific to the areas to be worked on and relevant to the treatment needed.

The core element of your programme in most cases will be a bespoke exercise programme which will include stretches and mobilisations as well as strengthening exercises suitable for your current position. This will typically take 60-90 minutes to learn.


These exercises are put together to provide the basis of the plan to work towards functional restoration. This system is based on helping you with the treatment from specialists in the first stages and then moving towards coaching so that you can learn how to look after your own body for the longer term specific to your history, needs and goals for the future.


The goal from the exercise programmes is to improve independence and self management with support and then gradually increasing fitness and resilience for the future.

Over the years we have found that one of the most important parts of achieving success in following your programme is having the support of a coach to guide, steer and motivate you through the process. At the Bowskill Clinic we have a highly trained team of exercise specialists who are able to support you in this process. This can be anywhere from once to five times a week if needed.

Stage 3


Jon typically then reassesses clients at 4-6 week intervals and following this your exercise programme will be progressed gradually increasing the complexity and loading parameters to improve your body’s ability to cope with increasingly complex tasks and movements.

As you get fitter and stronger the programmes will gradually evolve into a strength, conditioning and fitness plan with the goal of creating resilience for the future so you can go back to everyday tasks or sports with less risk of recurrence in the future.



The Bowskill Clinic, Home of Intelligent Health, was founded in 2009 by Jon Bowskill. The clinic was created to provide a hub for Jon’s philosophy of interlinked health strategies working seamlessly alongside medical care.

Created within the historical Georgian townhouse at 4 Duke Street, the clinic has been designed to feel much more like a home than a conventional medical centre. Our belief is that healing and recovery from injury happens when you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease and this is what we have tried to achieve within our reception area and the facilities as a whole.


Our team is built on a like-minded, knowledgeable and highly qualified team of practitioners who share a common and interlinked philosophy for health and healing of the body.


Our philosophy is to treat where necessary, coach you back to optimal health and then help to keep you there. To do this we bring together the three major elements of health; Movement and Function, Nutrition and Lifestyle and Mindset and Resilience.


Our goal is to help you to understand which elements you need to bring together and in what order to speed up healing and optimise performance.


We are here to provide all the technical advice, treatment and support under one roof that is needed to not only to recover from injury but also stay fit and healthy long into the future.


As a pain management doctor specialising in spinal pain I am always looking for comprehensive solutions to help my patients. I have worked closely with Jon for some 20 years, and always found him to be a caring professional and innovative with helping people get back on their feet, through the help of his exercise programmes. I would not hesitate to recommend him or his team at the Bowskill Clinic.

Dr. Sean White  MB BS FRCA FIIP, Consultant Pain Medicine Specialist, Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Fellow of the Institute of Pain Practice

Jon's strategies, innovative thinking and creative exercise programmes have become an integral part of how I care for my patients.

Jon’s detailed assessments consistently provide me with key information about the patients physical capabilities and the prescriptive mode of his programmes helps provide both fast and effective results.

Mr Dan Plev, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Recovering from career-threatening back injury –

If I simply hadn’t met Jon with all his knowledge in spinal rehabilitation I wouldn’t be playing golf never mind winning tournaments!!

Jamie Donaldson, Winner of the 2012 Irish Open and Wales and European PGA Golf Tour Professional

Getting stronger, more balanced and back to normal activities is a critical part of my patients recovery. I use Jon and his team to help support them in this process and make sure they are getting the right advice not just on recovery but also for building resilience for the future.


Dr Ralph Rogers MD PhD MBA, Consultant Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

I have no hesitation in recommending my colleague Jon Bowskill whom I have shared patients with for over two decades. There is no doubt that both he and his team offer a superb rehabilitation service specifically tailored to the needs of his clients ranging from geriatrics to international sports personalities.

Dr. Keith Bush  MBBS MD(Lond) FFSEM (UK), Consultant and Orthopaedic Sports Physician, a past President of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine, and Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine

I've worked with Jon for nearly twenty years and over that time his holistic and forward looking attitude towards rehabilitation have marked him out as someone unique.

He embraces new thinking and novel equipment developments to further his ambition to provide platinum standards of care to people with a multitude of physical complaints. The many positive outcomes from his therapies is testament to the success of his approach and skills.

Dr Simon Blease, Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist, Advanced Skeletal Imaging Partners

I have been fortunate to work with complete beginners through to some of the World’s best players, and I never met a golfer who doesn’t want to improve, yet very few understand that to reach their true potential a holistic approach is essential.

Its a simple as this... You won’t produce the golf swing you want if your body won’t allow you to do it or if you have a restrictive injury.  It is for this reason I have regularly engaged the services of Jon Bowskill for myself and with players I coach.  Working with Jon allows me to find the most effective and time efficient pathway for any golfer to achieve their goals.  I would encourage any golfer looking to improve or trying to overcome an injury to consult with Jon, his knowledge and ability to set the appropriate program is unsurpassed in the area of physical movement and biomechanics.

Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Professional, CEO Cranfield Golf Academies

European Tour Coach

 I first met Jon back in 2002 when he helped Jamie Donaldson with a serious back problem. Jon was fantastic then he  and his team at the Bowskill Clinic continue to provide treatment and advice to myself and some of my clients at Wasserman. They are an exceptional outfit.

Brendan Taylor,  Head of European Golf division, Wasserman Sports Agency

Other therapists would probably have told me to drop out of the race, but the Bowskill team knew how important it was to me and they did everything possible to find a solution, leaving no stone unturned. Jon called in the advice of trusted specialists Mr Rohit Madhav foot and ankle surgeon and Dr Simon Blease MSK radiologist for second and third opinions on my MRI. Dr Blease performed a dynamic ultrasound to assess for my ankle stability and Jay analyzed my gait using the latest VICON technology.

The Bowskill Clinic then put together a comprehensive rehab plan to give me the best chance of recovery. They truly worked with me and were available throughout my rehab process up until race day, despite me being located outside of the UK.

I ended up competing and placing second in one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world. I wouldn't have even made it to the start line without the Bowskill Clinic.

Elite Ultrarunner and endurance athlete, Stephanie Case is the founder of the Free to Run charity, which provides sports opportunities to women and girls who have been affected by conflict, including in Afghanistan and those who are living as refugees in Hong Kong. 



Using the latest technology forms an important part of understanding and delivering world class assessments and recovery strategies. Jon uses a variety of these devices and systems to help create an accurate understanding of movement, function and performance.


ViMove is a wireless sensor technology that objectively measures human movement and turns it into actionable data.


Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second.


This provides visual, objective, easily interpreted data to improve assessment, choose and manage treatment options, and document therapy progress for you the patient, referral physicians and insurance companies.


In a recent randomized controlled trial, patients treated with ViMove™ for ten weeks were more than 3X more likely to have clinically important improvements (>30% over baseline), in reduced back pain and 2.5X more likely to have clinically important improvements in activity limitation vs. patients treated with guidelines based care at 12 months.


The VICON system is the world’s only passive optical motion capture systems that is classed as a Medical Device.


As the industry leader in motion analysis, VICON has been used clinically to assist physicians, surgeons and physical therapists in over 50 countries assessing patients with a wide array of pathologies affecting motion. At the clinic, we use the VICON system to fully understand and objectively measure gait mechanics and the functional movement of the body as a whole.


We then link this with an in shoe pressure analysis system that allows us to fully understand how your foot also behaves in contact with the ground.


The 1080 Quantum is the most accurate and versatile system available for quantifying the factors of force, speed and power.


The versatility of 1080 Quantum allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, from general physical rehabilitation to advanced sports conditioning. By applying individually optimized loads and speeds, in the concentric as well as eccentric phase of a movement, it is possible to increase training intensity and stimulate the neuromuscular system beyond the ability of traditional forms of training.


As a result, your performance will increase, while using a lower total load as well as fewer repetitions and training sessions. This translates to a reduction of potentially damaging stress on joints and soft tissue, more time for recovery and more time for other activities.

1080 MAP

1080MAP assesses, analyses and optimises movement patterns to maximise your physical performance.


Systematic combination and measurement of movement patterns in standing positions to quantify function. Quantification of mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance and performance.



Scores of different tests are combined and directly linked to each other to create unique individual profiles. All profiles reflect physical performance, identify physical limitations and hidden potential.



1080MAP™ results in highly specific and individualised treatment and training programs that will optimise functional performance.



Jon has presented, lectured and taught workshops around the world. This has recently included presentations for:


The British Dental Association

The European Scanning Centre Symposium

Athletic 1080 Conference

Happen Innovation Consulting

Moore Europe Capital Management

Jon is available to talk on a multitude of topics relating to health, wellbeing rehabilitation and performance both for sport and in the work place.