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Jon Bowskill is the founder and CEO of the Bowskill Clinic and a specialist in golf performance, exercise mechanics, recovery from injury and functional restoration.

He holds an Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Studies from Leeds Metropolitan University. Whilst studying for his degree became double certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Instructor and Advanced Personal Trainer.

His dissertation at University was titled ‘Development , execution and adaptation of training theory as an on going concern with an International rugby union player (through the Five Nations tournament of 1996)’. Managing training and conditioning with this player through the season whilst adapting to an ankle ligament injury led Jon to his initial interest in linking the worlds of high performance and recovery from injury.

After completing his degree Jon moved to London where he worked as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist at the renowned Chelsea Harbour club. Whilst there he began studying with the CHEK Institute in San Diego, becoming their first Practitioner in Europe. He would continue to regularly return to San Diego for some 10 years advancing through their educational programme to become a Level 4 Practitioner and then member of their elite teaching faculty. As a presenter for the CHEK institute Jon taught their Golf Biomechanic and Exercise Coach programmes all over the world for a period of some 10 years.


During this time and as a result of Jon’s on going education and development he gradually became more involved in the world of rehabilitation and in September 2000 was asked to join the London Spine Clinic on London’s Harley Street. This was the first fully integrated multidisciplinary spinal clinic in the UK. His role within the neurosurgical team was to assess clients and then build biomechanically bespoke exercise strategies for those with spinal and sporting issues. He worked alongside a physical therapist, podiatrist, osteopath, pain management physician and several neurologists and neurosurgeons. He remained here for five years before moving on to work at the Princess Grace Hospital before creating his own allied healthcare team at the Bowskill Clinic.

The philosophy of the Bowskill clinic is based on an interdisciplinary approach to pain management, recovery and return to health. The clinic uses technology as a foundational part of the assessment and tracking of patients and clients and is continually evolving it’s approach to patient care by linking the critical bio-psycho-social elements with foundational biomechanics assessments and exercise prescriptions.


The Bowskill Clinic integrated system is based on his concept of the Healthy Barometer which describes the process of graded recovery from injury to optimal health and the scope of different practitioners involved in this framework. The systems and processes involved in this journey merge both treatment and coaching models with the focus of principally improving self sufficiency and independence through the delivery of appropriate advice.


The team includes physical therapists, a musculoskeletal podiatrist, osteopaths, nutritionists, a clinical psychologist, strength and conditioning and exercise therapists, and clinical massage therapists.

The Clinic model seamlessly links medicine to rehabilitation and most of the referrals to the clinic are from orthopaedic and neurosurgeons, sports medicine physicians, general practitioners and pain management doctors. The Clinic team work closely with each of these medical personnel to ensure an integrated path of care is sustained with the interactive support of medicine.

Jon has worked with clients from all walks of life helping them to return to doing what they love. This has included high profile professional athletes from many different sports but especially golf and well known figures from entertainment, media and film and many others from completely diverse backgrounds.


His practice and philosophy is continually driven by growing and evolving his approach to adapt and adjust to new and developing technology in a rapidly changing world and industry.